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DeLuXe V3 - Cocobolo #1 - Dreamwood

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Woodtype: Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa)

*Single Piece

The Best Butane Powered Water Filter/Bong Vaporizer!

Completely handmade in Germany!

The latest version of the DLX Pro series with version 4 heating part, with new glass heating tube with glass diffuser and O-ring connection of heating part and herb chamber.

The DLX V4 heat intake tube is a great addition to the DLX series, the hot air flow is perfectly swirled and the ingredients of the herbs are vaporized evenly and efficiently.

It's super easy to use. The herb chamber is filled with any amount, then the heater part is put back on the herb chamber. Now the DeLuXe V4 vaporizer is plugged into a water filter with a 14mm ground connection. To heat the herbs, the flame of a jet-lighter is directed into the opening of the heat intake glass tube while inhaling.

As always, the temperature can be controlled by the size of the flame and the speed of inhalation. You can create a very dense vapor or just a very light vapor, just as you like.

In order to evaporate the ingredients of the herbs as quickly as possible, we recommend a 3 or 4-flame jet lighter, but caution is advised!

A 10mm stainless steel diffuser plate is included, this can be placed under the heat intake glass tube to avoid any beginner's mistakes when heating.

The herb chamber has a diameter of 16mm and is 20mm deep. It should only be filled to a height of approx. 10mm (half full), works from a capacity of 0.05g and up to 0.25g fits into the herb chamber.

set contains:

  • wooden vaporizer, 2 parts
  • 1pc. heater tube straight "turbo"
  • 3pc. silicone o-rings (1xS,1xM,1xL)
  • 3pc. flat sieve

Further notes on function and application:
The vaporizers direct the heat from a jet-lighter through the heating tube into the herb chamber.

In general, care should be taken not to set the flame too big and not to pull it too slowly. It is also recommended for newcomers to examine the material between the inhalations more often to prevent a burn.

When the material is vaporized, it is very dry and is therefore easier to ignite! It requires some exercise to deal with this type of vaporizer. Each user must have their own hands-on experience to optimize the process for the right temperature and good results.

The temperature regulation takes place during the vaporization by manual control of the inhalation speed and the size of the flame to the heating / inlet tube. Everyone quickly finds a balance between air flow and heat supply. This way, vapor is produced immediately, and there is no unnecessary heating.


The heat inlet tube gets hot during use and afterwards!! Do not touch until cool.

The jet-lighter nozzle also gets hot!

Proper handling of all Dreamwood Vaporizer products is required.

The use of vaporizers and other Dreamwood Vaporizer products is at your own responsibility and risk.

We assume no liability for damage to body, health and property.

The use of our products is entirely at your own risk. Before use, please inform yourself about possible risks and proper handling.