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Wissen zu Kräutern und Verdampfern

How to...

Hier findet ihr in Zukunft eine Informationsseite mit einer Auswahl bestimmter Themen und generellen Infos zu Kräutern, Blüten und vor allem Cannabis für den Vaporizer und die medizinische Nutzung. Die allgemeine Wirksamkeit und traditionelle Nutzung und Herkunft bestimmter Kräuter und Pflanzen wie Hanf und Cannabis ist unumstritten und bestens dokumentiert.

How to... vaporize and not burn your herbs!

Dreamwood Vaporizer Systems:

Most Dreamwood vaporizers work with the same kind of heat diffusors except the Roasty and Glow Vaporizers.

The Roastys are a conduction system and the Glow Rebuildable Convection Vaporizers are working with battery power.

Butane powered convection heating vaporizers

This first "how to" accounts for all our butane powered convection heating vaporizers.




Punch (- Mini)

Double Punch

DLX Vapopipe

>>>Only use butane with near zero impurities!<<<

1. use a jetlighter, a standart hand sized one. no big kitchen torch please, the glass will probably melt!

set the flame to ca. 1cm full lenght, a little more or less is no problem.

2. find your preferred inhalation speed, a slow and steady draw speed you can keep up for ~5-15 seconds. (take smaller hits first to check how much vapor you could inhale without coughing.)

3. inhale through the vaporizers mouthpiece, ignite the jetlighter and move the flame tip slowly towards the middle of the heating tube, circulate the flame tip a little bit around in the heating tube to spread the heat and keep on inhaling.

you should notice that the air you inhale gets warmer the closer you get to (or in) the heating tube with the flame.

STOP inhaling and heating at this point to check if you already produced vapor by exhaling directly and not holding your breath!

4. if you exhale no vapor, stay with your preferred draw speed and move your jetlighter flame closer to (or a little bit with the tip of) the flame in the heating tube, till you notice to inhale warmer air.

STOP and check for vapor a second time!

>>> if no vapor is visible by exhaling try again and move the flame closer to the heating tube.<<<

5. if you have found the right way to use, >draw speed and flame position< its better to hold on your breath after each inhalation for about 5-10 seconds or more. If you do it this way you get sure to not waste your herb, get a stronger medical effect and reduce the amount of herb you use!

6. heat and vaporize your herbs till they are dry and change the colour to yellow-brown * this way most of the ingredients are vaporized and inhaled.

do not heat the herbs too long. the dryer the herbs are getting the easier it is to ignite them.

* sometimes its good to stir the herbs between inhalations, but this depends on the herbs used and how fine you have ground them etc..

7. clean the bowl as long as it is still warm and blow out all the herb particle to prevent clogging of the screen to fast.

Roasty Conduction Vaporizers

Small and efficient, with a particularly pure taste due to indirect heating. Joint session feeling while vaping!

The Roasty combines finest waxed and polished wood with a specially designed herb heating tube, handcrafted in our workshop.

In contrast to the othe Dreamwood Vaporizer (on-demand) models, the Roasty is first heated with the jet-lighter from the side of the glasstube and then inhaled at the wooden mouthpiece.

As always with Dreamwood, the Roasty models are delivered in a well thought-out set.

In addition to the vaporizer, you also get a wood care polish (woodwax), a stainless steel poker for easy emptying, silicone o-rings and a jet lighter.

The various uses of the Roasty Vaporizer are particularly interesting.

As a herbal vaporizer or for solid extracts and pressed powders, these are rolled up in a sieve and placed in the heating tube instead of the herbs. It is also possible to use the Roasty as a "Nectar Collector" for dipping in resins and liquid extracts, as well as a "one hitter" for smoking. A vaporizer that will accompany you throughout your life.


The Roasty Vaporizer consists of 2 parts, the glass heating tube and a wooden mouthpiece.

The glass heating tube slides into the wooden mouthpiece and is held in place by a silicone O-ring.

To use, pull out the glass heating tube, reinsert the O-ring into the mouthpiece, then rotate the glass heating tube and push it in a little.

Depending on your choice, herbs are filled into the glass heating tube and pressed slightly down against the glass sieve.

The heat required for vaporization is supplied by a jet lighter by slowly heating the glass heating tube from the outside.

Only the area where the herbs are should be heated!!

Heat for only 3-5 seconds at a time and then take a few puffs to check for vapor.

If steam forms, a few puffs can be taken until almost no steam comes out, then it is reheated for 2-3 seconds.

The coloring of the herbs shows whether the ingredients have completely evaporated.

If the color is dark brown, most of the ingredients have evaporated.

When the ingredients have evaporated, cleaning is carried out with a stainless steel poker by pressing out the herbs from the back of the glass heating tube or by blowing them out.


Do not touch the glass heating tube during use and only empty and insert when it has cooled down! Wait at least 1 minute!!!


For complete cleaning, the glass heating tube can be cleaned with alcohol or other solvents such as isopropyl. The wooden mouthpiece can be carefully scratched out or wiped out with a lightly soaked cloth. For care and maintenance, we recommend regularly polishing the wooden exterior surfaces with a fine cloth and Dreamwood Woodwax.

Glow Rebuildable Convection Vaporizers

Glow RCV 18 (V3)


We wish you very much fun with our vaporizers and hope we made your life a little bit better with them.

Stay healthy and green friends!