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Futo Wenge Grinder, CNC-Cut

Diameter: 61 mm, Heigth: 26 mm; CNC-cut wooden tooth

$40.98 *
In stock

Pure CBD Cristals, 500mg, Harmony

The purest CBD extract you will find.

$39.80 *
In stock

Futo Purple Heart Grinder, CNC-Cut

Diameter: 61 mm, Heigth: 26 mm; CNC-cut wooden tooth

$40.98 *
In stock

Dreamwood Vapcap Stem Round Stocked Beachwood 1

~72x18mm, with a Glass Heating Tube (Roasty Mini).

$48.90 *
In stock

Linx Hypnos Zero

First class extract vaporizer with ceramic heatplate.

$82.50 *
In stock

Dreamwood Roasty SR round 14,5 Palisander 1

The smallest Dreamwood vaporizer! 
Insertable heat tube, conduction.

Woodbody approx. 105x20mm/11mm.

$74.90 *
In stock

Crafty Vaporizer Set - Storz and Bickel

Small and mobile. Simple and versatile. Guarantees best results thanks to state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience. German producer company. Medical Quality.

$330.00 *
Old price $349.00
In stock

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Set Easy Valve

The newest version with the improved Easy Valve set with exchangeable balloon. The ultimate fan vaporizer for home.

$494.59 *
In stock

Mighty Vaporizer Set

Very good battery, it is a real power-vaporizer!

German quality product.

$379.00 *
In stock

Dreamwood DLX Pro Classic

Waterpipe vaporizer and portable handvaporizer with wooden herbchamber, in set with a lot of accessories. 

$109.00 *
In stock

Dreamwood DLX M - Ashtree

The magnetic version of the DLX vaporizer with a stainless steel stick stirring tool inside. Ash tree is a very fine wood and rather rustic grained.

$85.00 *
In stock

DLX M - Maple

The magnetic version of the DLX vaporizer with a stainless steel stick stirring tool inside. Maple is adventurous grained and is extremely resistant.

$85.00 *
In stock

Grinder - Alu Mill, 30mm, 4-pcs, black

Diamond cut teeth

$8.50 *
Old price $9.50
In stock

CRAFTY Power Bank - Storz and Bickel

84x64x20mm, 160g

$30.49 *
In stock

Mighty - Wear Parts Set

Spare parts for the Mighty. From the Screens to the mouthpiece, all small parts and the cooling unit in one pack.

$33.00 *
In stock

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The new Solo 2, choose mystic blue or black color!

$220.98 *
In stock

Vapman Basic Walnut

Walnut, not fine sanded, not oiled and not polished, 
upgrade available on request

$105.50 *
In stock

Dobby Classic Vaporizer

Handmade convection vaporizer for dry herb and extracts.
Dobby classic shape - 5 wood types.

from $169.00 *
In stock

Greendream Hemp Leafs 30g bio

Highest Quality Hemp Leafs, Futura 75

$5.20 *
In stock

Afghani Temple Balls - 2g CBD Hashish

Super soft and aromatic. Up to 19% CBD. This industrial hemp product is only sold in europe.

In stock

Greendream Bio Hempflowers, 10g

Highest Quality Hemp Buds with natural CBD

$4.90 *
In stock

Atomic Glass Tip/Mouthpiece

8x30 mm Glasstip in a reusable  Plastictube

$2.40 *
In stock

Honest Torch Lighter

Green colored jetlighter with blue singleflame.
1300°C butane powered storm torch.

$9.00 *
In stock

BL' Stash Stick Reservoir M green

Aluminumtube with threaded lid and sealing ring

$12.50 *
In stock

Smoking King Size Red

Extra thin, slow burning.

In stock

RAW Classic KS Slim, unrefined

Brown, unrefined paper, extra fine.
32 leaves per pack.

$1.25 *
In stock

RAW Slim Organic Hemp

Purest natural hempfibres.
32 sheets per booklet.

$1.10 *
Old price $1.50
In stock

Smoking 'Gold' Kingsize Papers ultra thin

108x44mm (King Size)

$1.05 *
In stock

Rizla Silver (ultra thin) KS Slim

extreme thin ricepaper  (20µm=0,02mm), paperweight: 13 g/m²

$1.99 *
In stock

OG Krunch - Coco Bud

Puffed rice chocolate 50g and 100g. 
Originale Gourmandise, made in France.

from $6.29 *
In stock

Dreamwood Roasty S round 18mm Olive 2

The smallest Dreamwood vaporizer!  with insertable tube heat, conduction.

Woodbody approx. 64x22 mm.

$68.90 *
In stock

Bubble Bowl 18.8. Weedstar

Without screens / integrated glass mandrels. Inside 10mm.

$5.80 *
In stock
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