Heisenberg Pollen Machine - Dry-sift Haschmaker

Heisenberg Pollen Machine - Dry-sift Haschmaker

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Heisenberg Pollen Machine - Dry-sift Pollinator /Hasch/Kief/Skuffmaker

Including adjustable power supply and various plugs.
Speed can be adjusted on the power supply plug. EU / german power Plug.

Dimensions Heisenberg pollinators:

Length of box: ca. 40cm
Length entire: ca. 46cm
Width: ca. 30cm
Height: ca. 28,5cm
Diameter of cylinder: ca. 21cm


Technical data for the power plug:
Output voltage: 3 - 12 V DC
Input voltage: 100 - 240 V AC
Frequence: 69/50 Hz
Power: 10 W max.

USB-Adapter plug


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