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Colton Pocket Torch - Jet Lighter

Double flame - can be switched to a regular flame. Asorted Colors Available.

$6.70 *
In stock

Jet Lighter blueflame

 Pocketsize single torch 
colours: green orange blue red black

$4.40 *
Old price $9.90
In stock

Honest Torch Lighter

Green colored jetlighter with blue singleflame.
1300°C butane powered storm torch.
Various colors.

$9.00 *
In stock

Black Leaf - Premium Butane Gas

300ml can. Near zero impurities.
Only for German Shipping!!

$4.80 *
In stock

Clipper Lighter, Weed Pattern

The well known Clipper lighter with tilt function.
Weed Pattern print in 4 different designs.
Only for German Shipping!!

$1.65 *
In stock

Hyper Torch Jet Lighter, Silver Match

Blue Flame Lighter, Silver Match

This large jet lighter has an adjustable burner flame.

$7.68 *
In stock
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