Dreamwood DLX M Chequers Wood

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Dreamwood DLX M - Chequers Wood

The magnetic version of the DLX Waterpipe-Vaporizer with a stainless steel stir stick. 


Chequers Wood (Wild Service Tree/Checkers Tree) is a very robust wood and has a warm reddish brown color.


With a new shape of the upper part of the wood, to find the right heat inlet direction without concern and not to get too close to the wood.

The DLX M consists of 2 wooden parts, as well as 2 glass parts which are fixed with silicone rings. In the lower part is the herbal chamber with 12mm depth and 16mm diameter. The wooden parts are held together by two magnets and a special feature is the stainless steel pin on the upper part. It allows it to simply detach and rotate the top from the magnet without losing the grip. The 15mm pin is loose in the lower part of the wood. It is playful to twist the vaporizers top around and to stirr and plug between inhalations with the stainless steel pin.

The multifunctional vaporizer comes with an 18/14 adapter for the bong, as well as a glass mouthpiece, with which the DLX M serves as a portable hand vaporizer.

By manual handling with a jet lighter, a very dense steam and a very light steam can be produced, as desired.

Size wood: approx. 2.5 cm x 3 cm x 6.5 cm
Total height with joint and heat inlet approx. 11 cm
Bowl: 12 mm x 16 mm
Built-in stirring stick: approx. 15mm
Chequers Wood

Set contains a 'Honest' Jet Lighter !!!

What is in the DLX M set:

  • 1pc. vaporizer woodbody, 2 parts, with stainless steel stir stick
  • 1pc. bended heating tube
  • 14mm groundglass male connection
  • NS 18 adapter male - NS14 female inside
  • glas mouthpiece
  • 3pc. flat sieve
  • 4pc. silicone o-rings
  • Dreamwood Woodwax
  • Dreamwood Sticker
  • 'Honest' Jet Lighter 

Description/Usage notes:
Our vaporizers work with the help of a gas-fired lighter (jet-flame) to generate the hot air flow, which results in instant vaporization of the selected material. The body of the vaporizer is made of noble wood and well polished with beeswax and natural oils. The heat-intake tube for the hot air supply and the mouthpiece-tube are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is easy to clean,durable and therefore hygienic.

A large herbal chamber and additional fresh air supply, as well as a unresisting air path make the Dreamwood Vaporizer to the best of its kind.

The vapor flavor is unadulterated and much more natural than with plastic devices.
The entire airway is made of natural materials and you will not notice any odors other than the different woods.
Many aromatic species are traditionally also used for aromatherapy purposes.
All materials used, e.g. the O-rings are harmless for health (silicone according to FDA regulations of the American food authority).
Delivery always with versatile tools, spare parts and woodcare polish. Walnut oil with beeswax is natural, it seals and protects the wood and gives new shine.

Further notes on function and application:
The vaporizers, which are also called convection pipes, direct the heat from a jet lighter through the heating tube into the herbal chamber.

In general, care should be taken not to set the flame too big and not to pull it too slowly!

It is also recommended for newcomers to examine the material between inhalations more often to prevent a burn. When the material is vaporized, it is very dry and is therefore easier to ignite! It requires some exercise to deal with this type of vaporizer. 

Each user must have their own hands-on experience to optimize the process for the right temperature and good results.

The temperature regulation takes place during the vaporization by manual control of the inhalation speed, the size of the jet-flame and the distance to the heat-intake tube. Everyone quickly finds a balance between air flow and heat supply. This way, steam is produced immediately, and there is no unnecessary heating between inhalations.

Attention: The heat intake glas tube is HOT during and after use!
Do not touch it until it has cooled off. The nozzle of the jetlighter is getting hot, too.

Proper handling for all Dreamwood Products is required. The use of vaporizers and other products of Dreamwood Vaporizers equipment etc. is subject to your own responsibility and risk. We assume no liability for damages to body, health and property. The use of our products is completely under your own responsibility. Please inform yourself about possible risks and a proper handling before use!

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