Tiny Bird - Mini Blunt Blubber, Black Leaf

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Tiny Bird - Mini Blunt Blubber, Black Leaf

The mini blunt bubbler 'Tiny Bird' from 'Black Leaf' brings out even more power and effect from sports cigarettes. Simply fill the bubbler - made of best borosilicate glass - with water, put the sport cigarette in to the bowl, light and inhale - and enjoy more flavour, more taste, more effect, more hits, more impact, less scratching and better slower burning!

Of course, hitting the bubbler without water is possible, too. And you can add an activated carbon filter. So there are different possibilities for seshing, which invite you to try out. The mini joint bubbler is very handy, easy to clean and even has a kickhole!
Height: 108mm
Diameter: 38mm
Kickhole: yes
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Material: Borosilicate glass
Color: clear

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