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cannafreeze Hemp Water Ice, 10 pcs.

Hemp soft drink for freezing
$5.90 / pack(s) *
In stock

Coney Pop-Vapor Aluminum, black

Multifunctional convection vaporizer.

$45.50 *
Old price $67.67
In stock

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Set Easy Valve

The newest version with the improved Easy Valve set with exchangeable balloon. The ultimate fan vaporizer for home.

$361.90 *
Old price $449.00
In stock

Crafty Vaporizer Set - Storz and Bickel

Small and mobile. Simple and versatile. Guarantees best results thanks to state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience. German producer company. Medical Quality.

$281.50 *
Old price $339.00
In stock

Mighty Vaporizer Set

Very good battery, it is a real power-vaporizer!

German quality product.

$360.64 *
Old price $379.00
In stock

Plenty Vaporizer, Storz and Bickel

EU-plug, 220-240V

$247.90 *
Old price $269.00
In stock

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The new Solo 2, choose mystic blue or black color!

$236.24 *
Old price $279.90
In stock

Vapman wooden mouthpiece boxwood

Wooden mouthpiece fitting the Vapman.

$11.29 *
Old price $12.00
In stock

G Pen Pro, tested/used

A reasonable prized portable vaporizer,

almost as small as a pen vaporizer.

$66.49 *
Old price $92.50
In stock

Boundless CF 710, Black

Electric pure dab vapestick.

$89.18 *
Old price $139.99
In stock

Boundless CFC 2.0

All-rounder, now with a stronger battery and included waterpipe adapter.
$85.90 *
Old price $99.99
In stock

Boundless Tera

Newest Version! With 2 LG 18650 2500mAh Bateries!

$225.90 *
Old price $248.00
In stock

Tiny Bird - Mini Blunt Blubber, Black Leaf

A slightly larger  Mini Bubbler with more water!

$15.00 *
In stock

Atomic Glass Tips, 3 pcs singly packed

8x30 mm glasstip in a reusable  plastictube

$5.33 *
Old price $6.00
In stock

Weedstar Cockle Glass-Ashtray with tube

Specialized beaker with tube, ideal for dabbing poker, the vaporizer stirring bar or for your "cigarette".

$6.00 *
In stock

Jet Lighter blueflame

 Pocketsize single torch 
colours: green orange blue red black

$7.90 *
Old price $9.90
In stock

Pure CBD Cristals, 500mg, Harmony

The purest CBD extract you will find.

$39.80 *
In stock

Gizeh Black King Size Slim + Tips, 26pc Box

26 booklets a 34 extra fine leaflets and tips with magnetic closure.

$46.50 *
Old price $60.50
In stock

Gizeh Black Extra Fine King Size Slim + Tips

34 leaflets and tips in a booklet with magnetic closure.

$2.09 *
Old price $2.35
In stock

Oil Black Leaf Subdab Pocket E-Dabber, Gold

Mini Dabber with ceramic bowl

$91.90 *
Old price $103.15
In stock

Vape Lifter Vaporizer and pure pipe

2 in 1 hand vaporizer and pure pipe 

$5.90 *
Old price $11.00
In stock
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