Bongs NS 14

Bongs NS 14

Here you can find bongs with a small standard cut NS 14 or 14.5 mm cut.

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Dab-Rig Recycler Deluxe with Banger and Bowl, Black Leaf

255mm, NS14
$59.90 *
Old price $74.99
In stock

Vaporizer Water Chamber Dome Percolator, Black Leaf

NS14 inside cut, 127mm, Diameter 35mm

$19.90 *
Old price $22.50
In stock

Glassbong Rasta 195

195mm height, NS14; "Ideal for dabbing - small & nice!"

$34.00 *
Old price $45.00
In stock

Recycler Glass art bong, orange, NS14

Colored glass has a very special charm! The recycler is ideal for dabbing and vaporizer!

$36.90 *
Old price $45.00
In stock

Jamaika Bong NS14

300mm Height, 40mm/100mm Diameter

$10.98 *
In stock
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