Dobby Vaporizer


Dreamwood Dobby - Classic and Special Edition

The Dobby Vaporizer is the portable vaporizer from Dreamwood with concealment possibilities for the glass parts. The heat intake glas tube can be hidden inside the vaporizer for transport. The mouthpiece can be slipped inside quickly and easily.

All vaporizers from Dreamwood are handcrafted with unique designs and from different types of wood in Germany.
The vaporizers are produced in small series classic) and special editions(special and small).
Three versions are available exclusive at
Classic, Special and Small.

Classic is the variant with a uniform shape, available in different types of wood like oak, beech, ashtree, american walnut and padouk.

Special Dobby vaporizers are made of special wood types and in unusual shapes and have different cross-grained wood. An X-cut creates a pleasing pattern on the sides.

Small variants of the Dobby Vaporizer are just like the Dobby Special variants single pieces and special editions.

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Dobby Classic Vaporizer

Handmade convection vaporizer for dry herb and extracts.
Dobby classic shape - 5 wood types.

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