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Capsule Caddy with dosing capsules for herbs, Storz und Bickel

Pack your dosing caps and store them safely in the capsule caddy.

$4.99 *
Old price $5.57
In stock

Crafty+ Vaporizer Set - Storz and Bickel

The new Plus Version of the famous Crafty!

$265.92 *
Old price $331.58
In stock

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Set Easy Valve

The newest version with the improved Easy Valve set with exchangeable balloon. The ultimate fan vaporizer for home.

$339.90 *
Old price $449.00
In stock

Crafty Vaporizer Set - Storz and Bickel

One of the most popular vaporizers worldwide. Special Deal with free Vapesuit hardcase (in the value of €30,90).

$244.23 *
Old price $339.00
In stock

Plenty Vaporizer, Storz and Bickel

EU-plug, 220-240V

$220.59 *
Old price $269.00
In stock

Storz and Bickel Magazin with 8 Dosing Capsules

1 piece with 8 dosing capsules. 60mm diameter, 15mm height

$8.79 *

Screen-Set for Mighty and Crafty

4 pcs. screens standard mesh width, 2 pcs. Fine screens

$4.90 *
In stock

Mighty - Wear Parts Set

Spare parts for the Mighty. From the Screens to the mouthpiece, all small parts and the cooling unit in one pack.

$26.79 *
Old price $33.00
In stock

Crafty/Mighty Mouthpiece (Easy Flow)

Better cooling and a very easy cleaning. 

$14.90 *

Storz and Bickel Magazine with8 Dosing Capsules for Liquids

1 pc. Magazine, 8 pc. Dosing Capsules f. Liquids

$11.49 *

Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer with Herb Capsule

1 piece including capsule and 3 screens (diameter: 15mm)

$17.90 *
In stock
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