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Roll- and Stoner Box HNBG Small 20 x 14 x 6 cm, Heisenberg

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Details of the Roll- and Stoner Box HNBG Small 20x14x6 cm

2-piece Stoner Box set consisting of:
1x Rolling tray with pouring rim
1x Cache box

Total dimensions in mm (closed): 200x140x60
Material: bamboo

With adjustable magnetic lock
Logo: HNBG on rolling tray / lid
Plenty of storage space for herbs, tobacco, papers, filter tips and other smoking accessories.

Roll- and Stoner Box HNBG Small - with cache box and rolling tray

The storage box by Heisenberg has four different areas for storing smoking accessories. One large, one small and two longer compartments. In addition, the striking HNBG logo immediately catches the eye of the observer of the box.

Special features of the Roll- and Stoner Box HNBG Small

This bamboo stoner box is not held together by a hinge like many models, but by a magnetic closure. This makes it possible to use the tray, which is the lid, and the box underneath separately.

Cache box with lots of storage space
The cache box is the heart of this stoner box, because this is where your utensils are stored. With 12 separate openings, the box offers you plenty of space for your accessories, starting with tobacco and ending with the last filter tip.
The storage space is divided into the following areas (dimensions in mm):

  • 1 large compartment, 160x70x35 - ideal for storing tobacco, herbs and grinders
  • 1 long compartment, deep, 90x28x35 - for lighters, papers etc.
  • 1 long compartment, shallow, 90x15x15 - for narrow accessories
  • 1 compartment, rectangular, 63x48x15 - good for storing flat accessories like glass tips, sieves etc.
  • 8 holes Ø 9,5mm - for placing tubes, cones, wide filters etc.

Rolling tray with pouring rim
The rolling tray fits exactly on the cache box and can be used as a lid for the box or as a separate item. The bamboo tray has a usable surface of approx. 170x115mm. This is bordered by a curved edge which can be used as a rolling aid for the construction of conical cigarette tubes. The rim area is interrupted on one side. The resulting pouring rim helps you to pour herbal remnants that have fallen off during the construction of your herbal cigarettes back into the large compartment without loss.

Adjustable magnetic closure
Rolling tray and cache box have a magnetically adjustable holder. Four magnets in the bottom of the tray work together with the six magnets in the box. They allow the tray to be placed on the box in such a way that only part of the cache box is opened. Ideally, this is the herb compartment. This will close exactly with the pouring rim of the tray.

Notches for better grip
In order to be able to easily remove the lid from the box despite the strong magnets, you will find a notch on both the left and right side of the box. At these points, you can reach under the tray with your fingers to remove it more easily.