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Punch Cherry - Dreamwood

159.00 €
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Neue Version

Wood Type: Cherry wood (Prunus avium)

(limited pieces without knothole or bark)

New wider size for a better stand: 3,6cm x 6,5cm x 7cm (BxLxH), without glass tubes.

Grain Match = top and bottom of the vaporizers belong together and have a matching grain pattern.

The Punch is Dreamwood's portable home vaporizer.

Huge clouds of vapor in seconds!

Full flavor through convection heat technology!

Due to the extended steam path and the curved glass mouthpiece, the steam is ideally cooled!

The herbal chamber is tightly closed by a stainless steel sleeve when joining the parts and the two halves of the vaporizer are securely held together by magnets.

Curved shapes and wood with beautiful grain, as well as natural wood colors are trademarks of Dreamwood and so every Dreamwood vaporizer is unique! Produced in small series and unique in its form and color!

Spare parts and accessories:

  • screens
  • o-rings
  • jetlighter
  • vaporizer stir stick
  • wood care polish

The flavor is unadulterated and pure, much more natural than with plastic devices. The entire airway is made of natural materials and you will not notice any odors other than the different woods.
Many aromatic species are traditionally also used for aromatherapy purposes.
All materials used, e.g. the O-rings are harmless for health (silicone according to FDA regulations of the American food authority).
Delivery always with versatile tools, spare parts and a little wooden polish. Dreamwood Woodwax with beeswax is natural, seals and protects the wood and gives new shine.


Pull the Punch apart, put the heat intake tube in position and put the mouthpiece of your choice in position.

Fill the bowl half way.

Put the parts back together.

To heat the herb, the jet-lighter flame is pointed into the heat intake tube while you inhale on the mouthpiece.

In general, don´t set the flame size too big and don´t inhale too slow!

For new users it is recommended to check the herb between inhalations more often and stirr if needed to prevent charring. When the material is vaporized, it is very dry and is easier to ignite! It requires some exercise to deal with this type of vaporizer but at the end its very easy to use!

Its easy to optimize the process for the right temperature and good results, after a few uses.

The temperature regulation takes place during the vaporization by manual control of the inhalation speed, the size of the jet-flame and the distance to the heat-intake tube.
Every user quickly finds a balance between air flow and heat supply. This way, vapor is produced immediately, and there is no unnecessary heating between inhalations.

Attention: The heat intake glass tube is HOT during and after use!
Do not touch it until it has cooled off.

The nozzle of the jet-lighter is getting hot too.

Proper handling for all Dreamwood Vaporizer Products is required.

The use of vaporizers and other products of Dreamwood Vaporizers is subject to your own responsibility and risk.

We assume no liability for damages to body, health and property.

Please inform yourself about possible risks and a proper handling before use.