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Highlander Bubbler Glass Pipe with Cut Disc Diffusor

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Highlander Bubbler bong by Heisenberg

Height: approx. 14cm
Ground glass joint: 18.8
Wall thickness: approx. 5mm
Percolator: Cut Disc diffuser, clear
Bowl piece: 18.8mm standard bowl
Neck length: approx. 12cm
Diameter of main chamber: approx. 4cm

Heisenberg logo print in black

Heisenberg Highlander Bubbler - Because There Can Be Only One

The Heisenberg Highlander is a bubbler of the family of hammer bubblers. Hammer bubbler because this special bong pipe is shaped like a small mallet. The Highlander has a water chamber with a sloping bottom. Due to this shape, the Highlander can be put down carefully without tipping over, even if it has been filled with water.

The connection area to the bowl piece is located outside the water chamber. As with a stemless bong, it rests on a chillum that is firmly connected to the bubbler and leads directly into the water chamber below the Cut Disc diffuser. The increased distance to the mouthpiece simplifies use allowing for better lighting without smoke in your face and less risk of singeing your hair.
The connection size corresponds to a female 18.8 ground glass joint. On delivery, the Highlander comes with a matching male bowl piece. To give the external chillum more stability, it is supported by a Dewar's Joint - an additional glass joint placed between the water chamber and the chillum.

The Highlander diffuses the smoke via a cut disc percolator inside the water chamber. This perc is shaped like a glass disc with several diagonal slits running through it. When the smoke is inhaled, it is drawn through these slits, creating a water vortex (swirl) that cools and filters the smoke.

To smoke the Heisenberg Highlander, you can comfortably hold it with one hand and light it with the other. The bubbler is lightweight and mobile and can still find its place in tight spaces without difficulty.

At a glance:
- percolator with vortex effect
- high mobility
- sloping base
- more stability due to Dewar's Joint
- greater distance to the face

Scope of delivery:
1x Heisenberg Highlander bubbler, 18.8F
1x Heisenberg standard bowl piece, 18.8M